court & equipment guide

court & equipment guide.

POP Tennis is a sport where everyone is a tennis player and is a sport that everyone can play. POP Tennis is Tennis and creates fun for all, from the seasoned veteran player to the player that has never picked up a racquet. Everyone can get a great workout and enjoy the social aspects of a competitive sport that will help improve your tennis skills or teach you the basics.

It’s all about your ability to play, immediately and it’s all comes from the racquets and the balls. POP Tennis rackets are manufactured with hard foam and composite materials, specially engineered to be more forgiving than traditional stringed tennis rackets. And the low compression, green dot, tennis balls used in Pop Tennis are easy to control and fun to hit. Smash away! Take satisfaction in the “POP” off the racket as the ball stays in play and straight at your opponent. No more “home runs” over the fence or the frustrating stop and start of two hit rallies. You will feel like a pro, or at least an intermediate Player, in no time!

The International POP Tennis Association certifies the following court dimensions, POP Racquets, and POP Tennis balls are suitable for official POP Tennis play.

the courts.


POP Tennis
60 ft. Tennis Courts with any surface type.
  • Stand-alone 60 ft. courts
  • “Blended Line” Courts
  • “Throw Down” lines are readily available and a quick option to create a 60 ft. court
  • Tape or chalk lines. Sidewalk chalk or painters tape can also create a 60 ft. court.
Classic POP
  • Stand alone 50x20 ft. POP Tennis courts
  • Slightly lower net height
We are fanatics about the game and have played on both sizes of courts for years! The USTA has over 30,000 POP 60 Courts currently installed nationally.

The Net.

No need to change the height of the net if you are playing on a 60’ tennis court or traditional tennis court. The net height is 36” high.

the Racquet.

In order to meet the requirements, set by the International POP Tennis Association, POP Racquets should be a maximum of 18.5 inches in length and 38 millimeters in width. The solid racquet, sometimes called a paddle, should be made from carbon fiber with a memory foam core. POP Tennis racquets do not have any strings on the striking area. In accordance to the International POP Tennis racquet rules, no substance or grip aids are to be applied to the hitting surface.


The Ball.

The International POP Tennis Association has adapted the “Green Dot” ball because its internal pressure is set at the correct compression (25%) of a standard tennis ball. If a standard tennis ball is used, it should be punctured to reduce its internal pressure. To judge compression, when this ball is thrown from a height of 6 feet, the bounce should not be less than 31 inches or more than 33 inches. Most POP Players save time and stick with the green dot balls to bet on the court quicker!



As with any other sports or athletic game, proper sport attire is a must in POP Tennis as well. Non-marking, rubber sole court shoes should be worn during play at clubs and court facilities.