The Annual National Beach POP Tennis Tournament, in St. Augustine, Florida, will once again be held over Memorial Day weekend.  It will be run by Team WIT, a group of “Women in Training” who do “Whatever it Takes” to run an excellent tournament and make everyone feel welcome. Gina Blevins, Liz Heffner, Karen Kempler and Maria Williams are excited to lead this tournament into its 43rd year.  We encourage all of you to do “Whatever It Takes” to keep our wonderful sport alive, not just in St. Augustine but all across the U.S.

This year’s tournament promises to have one of the very strongest and most prestigious fields ever. The team of Scott Freedman and Kent Seton, which has won the Tournament for four consecutive years will be heading the field.

Should you want to learn more, please contact Team WIT at:

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Be sure to mark your calendars for July 29-30 for the N.Y. Open and October 7-8 for the Venice Beach Open!

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