A letter from Ken Lindner, the President of the United States POP Tennis Association.

One of the VERY MOST IMPORTANT goals of the United States POP Tennis Association, is to imbue and empower children with confidence, as well as with feelings of mastery and high self-esteem, through their playing POP Tennis. This is what we aspire to accomplish through our free POP Tennis Clinics.

As I discuss below, I know how empowering, feeling good about yourself on the POP Tennis court, can be for a young person. Playing POP Tennis, initially, as an overweight and a physically-challenged youngster, gave me strong and valid feelings of self-confidence. It is my passion and our Association’s mission to empower and equip young people to thrive in their everyday lives, through their learning and playing POP Tennis.

I began playing POP Tennis when I was 7 years old. Because the POP Tennis court is smaller than a Tennis court, the racquet is shorter than a Tennis racquet, the net is lower, and the ball is less lively, POP Tennis was extremely easy to learn and immediately play well.  As a result, I was quickly able to begin rallying and have fun. These strong feelings of accomplishment, made me realize that I could do something well and feel good about athletics. Without doubt, my early POP Tennis experiences changed my life in the most positive ways. I lost weight, because I was active; I began to exercise appropriate discipline, because I felt that I was worth doing good things for; and I regularly practiced and played POP Tennis, because I enjoyed it and saw positive results. Years later, I transferred all of the positive life lessons that I learned on the POP Tennis court, to my Tennis, academic, and professional endeavors. All of the highly-beneficial things that POP Tennis did for me, are experiences, benefits, and qualities that we hope to give to and develop in thousands upon thousands of our country’s children.

Because I played POP Tennis beforehand, taking-up Tennis, at age 13, was easy and highly-rewarding. This was the case, because I had already developed my groundstrokes, poaching ability and instincts, volley, overhead, movement, court sense, and strategic, mindset on the POP Tennis court.  Soon thereafter, I became a top-ranked Eastern Junior Champion. I then became the Captain and #1 Singles and Doubles player on the Harvard University Tennis Team, as well as on the Eastern Junior Davis Cup Team. During these years, I won a myriad of prestigious National and Eastern Tennis and POP Tennis titles. I also had the privilege and honor to play against some of the world’s very best Tennis players, such as Arthur Ashe (whom I defeated in an Exhibition match), John McEnroe, Vita Gerulaitis, Gardnar Mulloy, Brian Gottfried, Sandy Mayer, Harold Solomon, and others. What an amazing gift!; and I was able to experience all of this, because I learned to play and love POP Tennis as a child!

In this section of our POP Tennis website, we will keep viewers posted regarding free POP Tennis clinics and events that will take place in cities across the country. Below are two videos to enjoy. The YouTube video, shows Rachel Gailis, who has developed into a stellar Tennis player, by playing POP Tennis. The KNBC video discusses how beneficial POP Tennis can be for young people. Additionally, there is a membership list (in alphabetical order) of the POP Tennis Children’s Empowerment Committee. This Committee is comprised of Senior Educators and top-tier POP Tennis Instructors, who are committed to bringing the finest, free POP Tennis instruction and positive experiences to all children, everywhere.

Here’s to POP Tennis enhancing, enabling, and empowering your child!

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ken Lindner
President, The United States POP Tennis Association, Inc.


Rachel Gailis


POP Tennis Children’s Empowerment Committee

Vahe Assadourian: Worldwide POP Tennis Ambassador and Premier USPTA Children’s Pro Tennis Instructor

Mike Cohen: Highly-respected POP Tennis Leader, Luminary, and Ambassador

John Coray: Head of Worldwide POP Tennis Special Projects

Jimmy Dunne: Leader and Visionary of the California Children’s POP Tennis Conference

Ronita Elder: Director: Diversity and Inclusion, Southern California Tennis Association

Nick Haridopolos: Highly-respected POP Tennis Teaching Pro for the Jonathan Club

Leslie Howard: Highly-respected POP Tennis Teaching Pro for the Jonathan Club

David Joseph: Co-Founder and Executive Director of “America Scores,” which is a non-profit, after school program, that works with over 400 L.A.-based children. The goal of “America Scores,”  is to inspire and empower children, on and off the field, through soccer and poetry.

Cole Kahrilas:  Bright, shining, young POP Tennis star

Scott Krivitsky: Awarded New York City Board of Education Leader

Melinda Lindner:  Former Top Collegiate Tennis Player, Pro Tennis Instructor, and strong POP Tennis supporter

Andrew Minnelli:  USPTA Southern California Teaching Pro Of The Year for 2015

John Myers: Director of Athletics for the Bel Air Bay Club

Jerry Pham:  POP Tennis Leader, Catalyst, and Visionary

Will Segar: Highly-respected Senior Children’s Educator and Children’s POP Tennis Leader

Denise Yogi:  Top Open POP Tennis Player and Strong POP Tennis Supporter

Thank you for visiting POPTennis.comTennis is Poppin’!  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the court.

POP Tennis is growing and quickly spreading across the world. To provide more information to the growing team of players of all ages, we are reconstructing and adding to POPTennis.com.

Some of the improvements and additions that you will see in the coming months will include the following;

Membership Opportunities: POP Tennis will make it easy to join the movement and be part of the cool social sport.

POP Ambassadors: Get involved and receive information on how to spread the word and sport of POP Tennis. We need leaders in the sport and want you to be one of them.

Clubs, Tournaments, Play Dates & Leagues: As more clubs sign up, you will easily be able to find a place to play, be social and have fun.

POP Tennis Newsletter: Stay updated and read about other POP enthusiasts.

Equipment: Information on where and how to purchase your favorite POP racquets, green dot low compression balls and cool POP swag.

We know you are excited to learn more and get back on the court so we will leave some introductions and announcements to the near future.

In the meantime, if you are interested in reading the history of Classic POP Tennis, videos, news links and other cool stuff continue on our current website.

Be sure to mark your calendars for July 29-30 for the N.Y. Open and October 7-8 for the Venice Beach Open!

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