One of the primary reasons why Paddle Tennis has not fulfilled its tremendous national and international promise and potential is that there is brand confusion. Essentially, individuals often confuse or don’t know the difference between Paddle Tennis, and the sports of Platform Paddle Tennis, Padel, Pickleball, Ping Pong, Beach Tennis, and the like.

With the major rebranding of Paddle Tennis and with the birth of POP Tennis, it is imperative that the rules of POP Tennis and the game itself reinforce and insure POP Tennis’ uniqueness. What must be avoided are rules that will confuse players, potential players, spectators, and executives. Therefore, there should be no use of side fences – similar to Platform Paddle Tennis; no overhead serves; no playing “let” serves; and no switching of sides by partners during a set.

POP Tennis is a fantastic sport on its own. It doesn’t need to be changed, nor should its growth be hampered by implementing rules that will continue to lead to further brand and sport confusion.

What I suggest, is that once POP Tennis has taken hold nationally and internationally, and a solid foundation of knowledge has been laid – then and only then should experimentation with and consideration of new rules be undertaken. However, we obviously, are nowhere near that point with POP Tennis.

Let’s have POP purity that leads to huge POP popularity – not the highly destructive confusion that has left its predecessor, Paddle Tennis, virtually nowhere in the national and international consciousness.


Respectfully submitted,

Ken Lindner

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