Hi Everyone,

I am writing this note to our POP Tennis Community, as a whole, and specifically, to those individuals who have not yet joined our POP Tennis Movement. I hope that this letter explains and elucidates what some of the primary, immediate and long-term goals are for the United States POP Tennis Association. Thank you, for taking the time to read the thoughts below.
1. The current focus of the United States POP Tennis Association, is the GLOBAL growth of our wonderful sport, POP Tennis, also known as Paddle Tennis (hereinafter referred to as POP Tennis).

POP Tennis is played and appears to be relatively healthy in certain parts of Los Angeles, as well as in Stuyvesant Town, New York City, St. Augustine, Florida, Ojai, and San Diego. For the most part, it hasn’t been played anywhere else. Furthermore, over the past decades, there has been no discernable growth of our sport.  In fact, it is arguable that our sport has regressed from the boom that it experienced in the 1980’s and 1990’s in L.A. and St. Augustine.
We understand and very much respect, that for those individuals who do not have any interest in seeing our sport grow, there is no pressing need to change our sport’s name from Paddle Tennis — a name that we have used and been comfortable with for years. However, if we are to grow our sport nationally and internationally, we have been advised by many key individuals and entities, that there is too much brand and sport confusion between POP Tennis and other racquet sports, such as Platform Paddle Tennis — which is also known on the East Coast and Midwest, as “Paddle Tennis.” As a means to clear-up this confusion, many of us opted to change our sport’s name to POP — or Popular Tennis. This way, we can avoid any problematic confusion, as well as have a new, fresh opportunity to acquaint others with our sport. Essentially, we have the SAME great game, which has now been re-branded, with a new, marketing-advantageous name!
Additionally, the change of name, has also allowed us to secure a fantastic marketing jump-start, by making us news-relevant and newsworthy. We have had local TV stations air compelling POP Tennis stories in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, New York City, and Florida. These stories, in turn, spawned many POP Tennis internet articles. As a result of this great exposure, POP Tennis received MAJOR national coverage, when the “Today” show aired a POP Tennis story, which exposed our sport to MILLIONS of viewers!!! This resulted in individuals, companies, educators, hotels, municipalities, Tennis clubs, etc., across the country, contacting us, in order to learn more about our great sport. In many of these instances, individuals and companies expressed a strong desire to get involved in and bring POP Tennis to their cities. This national expansion is already underway.
Because of the compelling “Today” show piece, the Associated Press then did a POP Tennis story, which was recently fed to approximately 250 networks around the world!!! So a plethora of individuals, in a myriad of countries, will now learn about our incredibly-fun and easy-to-play sport! How fantastic and amazing is that?!!!
UNQUESTIONABLY, the change of our sport’s name, has fostered and facilitated our sport’s growth and progress. And, all of this has happened in fewer than four months!!!
Additionally, all of the aforementioned steps were carefully choreographed and executed, in order to give the United States POP Tennis Association the requisite exposure, relevance, and juice, to successfully accomplish the goals set forth below.
2. Our next aspirations are to:
A. Secure national POP Tennis clinics for children — hopefully, they will be free to all. Our goal is to enable all children to learn to play POP Tennis, and thereby gain empowering feelings of joy and high self-esteem, while at the same time, get fit. We also want to bring POP Tennis to as many schools, across the country, as possible. To this end, we have aligned with a number of senior educators, in order to make our children’s goals a beautiful reality. Additionally, we have aligned with the California Children’s POP Tennis Conference,” in order to bring California children, top-notch POP Tennis coaching and mentoring. These Movements are all part of the United States POP Tennis Association’s, “Children’s Empowerment Initiative.”
B. Have a sponsored professional POP Tennis tour, as well as sponsored local POP Tennis tournaments — for ALL levels of players throughout the country.
C. Have POP Tennis courts built, as well as have Pickleball and underutilized Tennis courts converted into POP Tennis courts throughout the country.

D. Convert the United States POP Tennis Association, which is a non-profit corporation, into a charitable  501(c)(3) organization.
Our focus for the remainder of this year, is to establish and grow POP Tennis nationally and internationally. Once we have made substantial inroads in the above four areas (A through D), we can then focus on growing POP Tennis and having major POP tournaments — for players of all levels, experience, and ages, in the places where POP Tennis is currently thriving (L.A., Ojai, New York City, and St. Augustine).
So, whether you are singularly focused on your favorite weekly POP Tennis games and do not have any great interest in sharing and exposing our sport with others around the country or the world; or whether you’re excited to see our sport grow, I hope that you will support the POP Tennis Movement. We are blessed to play and enjoy an amazing sport, that has, up until now, been a relatively well-kept secret. Let’s happily and with great fervor share our gift with others throughout the country and the world!!! So far, Pickleball executives and players have done a phenomenal job of marketing their sport. As POP Tennis is played by individuals that span a far greater age range than Pickleball, and as our sport is far more Tennis-compatible, we should be inspired by Pickleball’s amazing growth, and we should aim to exceed it.
We can all play an integral role in making POP Tennis a prominent national and international sport. If you have not already done so, please let the United States POP Tennis Association know that you would like to be part of our Movement, by sending an email to this address: ken@poptennis.com. Additionally, please forward this email to anyone who would be interested in learning more about POP Tennis and/or might want to join our Movement. Also, please keep abreast of all things new and fun regarding POP Tennis, by visiting this website.
Thank you, once again, for your time and consideration.
Abundant blessings and warmest regards,

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