Hi, My Dear Friends,

I hope that you and those you love are well.

This past week, I was invited to speak at The International Tennis Symposium, at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. (I paid my own way:) ) The convention was HUGE, with, I am told, attendees coming from over 48 countries. (Billie Jean King, was this year’s Honoree.) After the magnificent, annual Parade of Nations, where representatives from the various countries carried their country’s flag onto the court, we had a fantastic POP Tennis demonstration. I had about 45 minutes to explain why our sport is so FANTASTIC! I then fielded about 30 questions, from the exceedingly large audience, that was truly riveted, as they watched and heard about our sport. Thereafter, we had individuals on the court, to play POP Tennis. We then held a “King of the Hill, ” singles competition, with the  first prize being a brand-new, PACIFIC PRO 2, Drop Shot racquet, that our wonderful friend and tireless POP Tennis ambassador, Roberto Donati,  donated for the event. Additionally, Roberto also sent racquets to the Tennis Industry Association (the “TIA”),  so that they can be used in promotional events, such as this one. THANK YOU, ROBERTO!  YOU ROCK!

As an aside, what got so many people to attend our demonstration, was that the PTR Association, which hosted the convention, was gracious enough to forward a set of 6 POP Tennis  video links, that I put together for them, to all of the convention attendees. So, they teed everything up perfectly for us! THANK YOU, SO MUCH, DAN SANTORUM, OF THE PTR. YOU ARE A PRINCE! (No manufacturer reference is implied:)) )

I also had the pleasure and privilege to meet with top Tennis Executives, regarding POP Tennis and its potential growth. These meetings were invaluable for our Movement. THANK YOU, to the wonderful, Jerry Pham, for supplying me with the information that I needed, re his very successful, Dallas-Fort Worth-based, USTA POP Tennis/Tennis children’s after-school clinics. For those of you who don’t know Jerry, he is a wonderful, brilliantly-insightful, POP Tennis leader, whom I have relied on and collaborated with a great deal. THANK YOU, JERRY!

The experience of having Tennis Executives, major Tennis manufactures ( e.g. Adidas, Head, Babolat, Prince, etc.), Tennis Directors, and Tennis teaching pros from around the world, SEE, LEARN ABOUT, AND LOVE POP Tennis, was inspiring, amazing, and incredibly beneficial to our sport. IT WILL, MOST CERTAINLY,  HELP US GROW NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY!!!

Please stay tuned, as we are on the launching pad for exponential growth.

Respectfully submitted,