On Saturday, September 26th, Austin and Scott Doerner won the 2015, United States POP Tennis Association’s, Men’s Open Doubles Championship, winning their 6th straight National Doubles title. They defeated, one of POP Tennis’ all-time, top teams, Scott Freedman and Kent Seton. MAJOR CONGRATS to the Doerners!

Matt Stillman and Brent Miller won the United States POP Tennis Association’s, “A” Men’s Double Title. MAJOR CONGRATS to Matt and Brent!

Kudos to Vahe Assadourian and Grant Aronson for their stellar showing, losing 7-6 in the 3rd, to Seton and Freedman.

Many thanks for John Coray, Mike Cohen, and Bill Brothers for their stellar work in running the Nationals this weekend. We also give a special thanks to Mike Cohen, for his excellent play-by-play announcing.