Hi Ken,
My name is Katherine Wagner.  I really, really enjoy paddle tennis or now poptennis.  I like the name change.  I played doubles in tennis and was a pretty good recreational player.  I captained a team from Jacksonville, FL in 92.  we won nationals at the 5.0 level.  anyway I then went on to play paddle tennis and just loved it.  long story short is I now live in Orlando, FL and the only time I get to play is when I visit st. Augustine, FL.  My best friend lives in Gainesville, FL and she just loves pickle ball.  also, there is a very, very, large retirement community in Ocala, FL called the villages  and they have just dozens of dozens of pickle ball courts.  So my friend is all excited about playing pickle ball at the villages.  and she only wants me to be her partner.  and I really, really DO NOT LIKE pickle ball.  I do not get to play paddle tennis (whoops, poptennis) very often but when I do I enjoy it.  and it does not take very long to get back in the groove of playing.  I LOVE the net.  Anyway, just some fun, useless info for you.  I am proud of you that you are trying to reframe the name of the sport.  I will play pickle ball but I do not see why anyone would play pickle ball after playing poptennis.  Hang in and keep the word going.

Thanks again,
Katherine   :)

Hi Katherine,

I hope that this note reaches you and those you love enjoying a beautiful afternoon.

Thank you, so much, for your note. You have wonderful, positive energy!

I am aware that places like Ocala, Florida have installed many Pickleball courts.  In fact, I have a cousin who lives in a retirement community in Ocala and she has just taken up Pickleball. My/our goal, at the United States POP Tennis Association, is to convince Tennis clubs and Pickleball sites across the country, to put in POP Tennis courts, along with their existing sports. Hopefully, POP Tennis will be coming to your home in the not too distant future. I, too, love playing the net! I find it incredibly fun, fast, and exhilarating.

Would you please give me permission to print your inspiring letter?

Once again, thank you again for your kind note and wonderful encouragement.

Very warmest regards,


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