Dear Ken,
The call I received from you this morning really excited my day by reinforcing why “POP Tennis” helps me to get up and start my day and why we want to help in promoting our sport!
When I wrote you back in January to thank you for the inspiration you have given to our Paddle Tennis players to move to the newer, rebranded game name, to be known as “POP Tennis”, much of our reason was about frustration! I believe now, as I did then, that the people who love this sport have a unique love for this game. Many of our players evolved through playing tennis in their younger years. In the evolution of age and injuries, many of our players just simply cannot handle the rigors of full court play. Is their competitive spirit still there – absolutely! What most senior players feel is simply the need to enjoy the fellowship and comradery of playing with friends in a sport that all enjoy and going home at the end of the day and not feeling bad whether they won or lost. I mention this  because we have a number of high level tennis players (USTA 4.0/4.5  players) who say they love coming to play with us because, whether they win or lose playing with us, they never go home feeling bad. This is entirely different on their tennis game matches, as they say loosing matches can totally ruin their day!
I want to write the absolute best letter of recommendation for the purposes of publicity to try, in the best way possible, to make players of all levels understand what makes this the great game that it is and encourage all sponsors to jump on your bandwagon!
This email is simply our clubs’ means of showing our total commitment to help you in any way we can to help you achieve your goals! 
When I spoke to my fellow co-president, Jeannie McGuire,  she asked about our commitment to you in officially becoming members of the USPTA organization. I could not answer her as I do not know if there is a fee required. All our club members would happily make this pledge so I would like to know if this is something you have set up? Additionally, we would love to promote the official POP tennis organization and would love to become a sanctioned club. The ability for us to promote our club as “sanctioned by the USPTA would be huge for us and allow us to help promote the organization throughout our area! We have sister communities in our senior areas who are not aware of what is going on with this rebranding and we would be more than happy to promote bringing them into the fold! I think we could be very influential in this regard as we are so excited to see the movement throughout all the communities who are experiencing the same growth that we are.
Ken, I cannot be more candid than to give you the absolute real truth about what makes this game so incredibly fun for seniors from the ages of 60 + to 80+, at least for us! We don’t have the game skills we had from playing tennis from years gone by but we can still play a decent game and laugh at our mistakes! Our ability to keep score, even within the game we are playing, is often lost! We never care about the ability of a new player but just want them to come and have fun with us! Every passer-by to our courts could be a new player and we always ask them to come and join us! Are you rehabbing from a tennis injury and need a game to help you get back into your game, please join us! And the list goes on…
I realize what I just said indicated that we are likely weak players but I can assure you that is not the case. Many of us have come through years of competition at all levels but we have simply reached the stage of “been there, done that”! We simply want to get out and play for fun and enjoy the fellowship and exercise we need at our age. Each of us have days when we play like we played in our prime but those days usually disappear. For some, the competitive edge just disappears with age. But that is okay as there is a comradery and understanding from fellow players. What is still most paramount for all of our players is we are family and we all simply love playing with friends and everyone who joins us to  play is a friend!
I will work on an email that I think will be appropriate to what you asked but I felt this email was one I wanted and felt you should hear. I love and so appreciate the passion that you are putting into the promotion of POP Tennis and we feel so privileged that you have considered our club to help in this regard!
Best regards!
Sally Wolfe & Jeannie McGuire
SLCC POP Tennis Club

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