Dear Paddle Tennis Players,

The re-branding of our sport from Paddle Tennis to POP Tennis, is a marketing strategy designed to bring our sport national attention and reduce the confusion that already exists. It is not designed to change the game, but only to catalyze the growth of our sport on a national and international level. A name change, gives us the means to approach television outlets and corporate America, which are essential to the growth of our game.

Kenny Lindner is a successful businessman, who has made his living in the corporate world representing broadcast journalists (please see: love of the game, Kenny has taken POP Tennis on as a client, and has utilized his personal resources and contacts, to form a marketing strategy that should bring our sport both local and national attention.

Our numbers are dwindling and the encroachment of new sports is rapidly increasing. We need to come together as a community. Lets embrace the new name for the greater success of our sport.

Kenny has unselfishly donated his time and resources to make a difference.

The game has not changed, just the name.

John Coray